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Sunday, July 27, 2008


You all know I am excited about the new website - but I need some help. All of my galleries are Movie Titles (but are somewhat generic in a a way due to copyright)

I currently need a name for my NEWBORN and my WEDDING Galleries. You can search The Internet Movie Database or google. It just needs to be a name of an actual movie.

For Example: The name of my Maternity Gallery is "9 Months", and my Baby Gallery is "Baby Boom"

I also am looking for names for TWO Packages - Medium and Small - Both need to be in the movie theme.

If you are a local client (or someone who would like to be!) and you suggest the winning gallery name, you will win a Free Session and 8x10!

If you are a fellow photographer friend, I will come up with some sort of nifty prop prize (I can make you a crocheted newborn wrap, or a tutu! - We'll see)

Comment with your answers, making sure you give me your name and email address!

I will be also posting a poll soon with all of the entries, but the final choice will be made by...me :-D


Anonymous said...

Hey I am a photographer...just FYI..

Your wedding could be "When Harry met Sally"

Info: Rachael de Azevedo

Anonymous said...

O.k...and for the Newborn gallery
"What Dreams May Come"...

its me again: Rachael de Azevedo

Anonymous said...

Oh...wait....another newborn one: "Where the Heart is"....Love this show by the way!

Rachael de Azevedo

Anonymous said...

last one I swear for Newborns....
"City of Angels"

Rachael de Azevedo

Anonymous said...

I think for the newborn you could call it "Miracle" and for the weddings either "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" or "the Wedding Crashers"

Info: Samantha Cockerill

Jessica Stokes said...

For Weddings..

My Best Friends Wedding
Wedding Crashers

Jessica Stokes
I am a "wanna-be" photographer =)

Hedro said...

"Muriel's Wedding"?

"Four weddings and a"... oh wait. Uh... maybe not that one.

"The Marrying Kind"?

"Married to the mob"

"Married to it"

"The Princess Bride"

"My big fat greek wedding"

"Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown"... just for fun!

for newborns...

"Raising Arizona"

"Taking Care of Baby"

"Walking my baby back home"

Info: Hedy Barakelstein

Doug and Cherie Yost said...

okay here's my wedding gallery name

Ever After

Cheryl Yost

Desi Jones said...

what about "american wedding"??


Desi said...

Kiss the Bride
License to Wed
I think I do
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Desi said...

It had to be you
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
It Happened One Night
Only You
Sense and Sensibility
Love Story
When a Man Loves a Woman

Emily said...

Newborns: "For Keeps"

Emily - shemmy@gmail.com