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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sneak Peek!

I had the most amazing time with this adorable couple and parents to be last night! We did a studio session AND on-location in Downtown Boise! It was so much fun!

Thanks you guys for walking all that way, you did awesome. This is only a SMALL amount of my favorites, there are just too many to choose from!

{graffiti mama}

{pick up artist}

...kisses downtown...

...tied in a bow...

coming soon...

{shape of a mama}

(click on them to see larger)

and a special thanks to my assisant, Desiree! She was absoutely phemononal in helping me! If you are pregnant and need a belly cast done, or party favors for your shower, check out her website!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I always cry at weddings...

I am in the process of backing up the bazillion photos I took at the wedding, but I spent some time playing with this one, just cuz I like it...

{a moment}

click to view larger. I need a new blog with bigger photos!

I'll have more up after I get home from CA!

I left my heart in San Fransisco....

If you didn't know already, I'm on Vacation in California! We had a great time today in San Fran - did Pier 39, went on a boat trip and everything! I hope to have some photos up tomorrow of the cool things we saw.

I'll be photographing a wedding tomorrow for one of my favorite family members, my cousin M. We are 5 years apart in age, but were close as sisters when we were little!
Here's a pic from the last time I saw her - 2005

Idential cousins..

Monday, May 19, 2008

Last Chance for Spring Special!

In case you missed them :

Spring Mini Session $50 for 1-2 Children ($10 for each additional - I will provide additional time for more children)

30 Minute Session in my Studio or on Location in Boise

Up to 15 Proofs to Choose From in Private Online Slideshow (Orders must be completed within 2 weeks to receive discounts)

2 5x7's and 8 wallets OR 1 8x10 Collage and 4 wallets BONUS 5x7 if booked now!

30% off prints and CD's for 2 weeks

Spring Deluxe Session $150 for up to 4 people (Family portraits are okay!)

1 1/2 hour session in Studio or on Location

Up to 25 Proofs to Choose From in Private Online Slideshow (Orders must be completed within 2 weeks to receive discounts)

1 8x10, 2 5x7's and 16 Wallets or 11x14 collage and 8 wallets BONUS 8x10 if booked now!

1 Digital Image in 5x7 size and release!

30% off prints and CD's for 2 weeks

I will not be offering these specials after May 31st - UNLESS you book a Session now (before May 30) for between May 31st and September 1st!

These are AMAZING DEALS and once it's over, it's OVER! I will not be offering Mini Sessions again for a while, or the AMAZING 30% discount.

Email me oohlalaphoto@gmail.com or call me 871-1232 to set your appointment

Payment due at time of booking (Paypal Accepted!)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sneak Peek!!!

I was so happy when I saw these kids today, I absolutely LOVED their outfits! Mom had mentioned sunflowers, and you can bet I went out and got some for this session!
Thanks you guys! I had a great time!


Don't Call it a Cliche'

Sunny Girl

{looking for bugs}


Listen...do you want to hear a secret?

This is my last session before we leave to go to California! We are visiting the Bay Area, mostly because one of my favorite cousins is getting married! She was the flowergirl in my parents wedding, so we are thrilled to be able to be there for the big day! I am taking the photos along with another photographer friend. I'm excited!

If you have an order pending, it must be in by Wednesday for you to be able to pick up June 1st. I will not be sending anything to the lab from May 22-29 (While I'm on vacation)

A few thanks: Thank you to Lyzze for allowing me to assist you at the wedding the other night, I really appreciate it!

and to my assistant Rachel so is tireless and does whatever I want before I want it!
You're the best!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sneak Peek!!!

More new sweet babies..or baby that is. She was so cute and snuggly (and you can bet I got to hold her and snuggled her, even though she was screaming her head off at the time!)

..sweet as a....

{sleepy girl...finally}


...little flower...

{moody piggies}

and now, my love and I are treating ourselves to a movie and night out...even though we're tired, we need fun too! Annnnnd...I get to sleep in tomorrow! and then I get to play "catch up" too! :-D

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sneak Peek!

I looooove babies! They are so sweet and soft, and usually don't want to sleep because being in my studio is SO interesting...but still, this little 2 week old was a joy, and SO bright eyed!

This was about as sleepy as we got


Funny Kid



I call this one "I'll tumble for ya" :-D

I'll Tumble for Ya

I have some him with Big Sisters and Sisters by themselves, but I need to get some other things done now - Enjoy!

Playing the Catch Up Game

Whew. If I owe you a gallery, hang in there. I'm working on it!

Right now I'm loading the photos of the absolutely adorable 2 week old I did today (and big sisters!) - and trying to get their peek up.

It's Lala day and I took the easy way out - I took Daniel to a resturant with a playland - and free wireless for me! He's having a blast.

More later!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sneak Peek!

I got to hang out with one of the cutest babies in the world today, and her equally adorably mommy! Just a few for now:

.mommy and me.


Under the Pretty Pink Flower Tree

I'm off to take my little cousins out to shop for something for Mom for Mother's Day ...and I think I might take them out for some pizza too - we'll see!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Give Cancer The Boot!

I'm reposting this for a friend - You can visit her Website "Music Birth" from the link on the sidebar

"Friends and Family,
Last year I attended an event called Relay for Life, and it forever changed me. It is an all night walk that raises money for cancer research and prevention. As the sun sets, it represents the darkness that a family experiences when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer.The long dark night represents the hardships of living with the
disease. And the sunrise the next morning represents hope. I have personally experienced the darkness as I watched my dad struggle through chemotherapy, and eventually pass away. But I have alsoexperienced the hope as my 3 year old daughter has been cancer free for almost 2 and a half years. These experiences have moved me so much, that I am returning again this year with my husband and daughters to walk the track throughout the night. Please support me in my efforts to raise money for this worthy cause by following the link and donating. Every cent counts!"


You can read more about her story, and make a donation by clicking here


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sneak Peek!

I am really pleased with these - my model was an absolute joy to work with, and many thanks to her Mom who helped me lug around props, and was my stand in assistant!

Butterfly <br />Garden


...I wanna soak up the sun...


...flowers for...

and in case you missed it, I posted this in the mini-peek the other day

Butterfly Fairy

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sneak Peek!

You know, I had alot of people tell me I was crazy when I told them I was doing a "Tea Party" themed session with 19 month old twins! I had the best time, and thank you so much to their Mom and our "helpers"!

Bonnie Blue

...Double the Fun....

Honoured Guests

Secret Ingredient

That's all for now. I have a little story to tell for those who weren't there...you see, we had some friends and family of the twins join us for the session, and once when we changed locations, I had like 8 people behind me, carrying props and the babies..it was like having an entourage. It was so cool! I totally felt like Annie Leibovitz with her 17 assistants! HA!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mini Peeks!

I have two sneak peeks to do, and I admit it, I wore myself out this weekend. So, for now, here is a peek from each session.

I will try to the the full "Peeks" up sometime tomorrow.

Please be Patient!

Tea Party Twins

Tea for Two

Click to view larger.

Butterfly Fairy

Butterfly Fairy
I got too much sun today so I didn't even get to take Daniel out for Lala Day. Poor kid!

The Pause that Refreshes!

Whew. I am one busy chickie! and that's a good thing! What's on the agenda for today?

1.Getting a Sneak Peek up for the absolutely adorable TWINS I photographed yesterday.

2. Running to Michaels and JoAnns for some props

3. A Fairy Tale Session in an hour!

4. Another Sneak Peek

5. Lala day with Daniel - we're going rollerskating at the park

6. and a whole LOTTA backing up all the images from this weekend.

I tell you, I've been sleeping GREAT! hahaha.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sneak Peek!

The P Family and I (and my wonderful assistant, Pamela) had a great time at the park today! Thanks so much you guys! Some of my favorites:

Adorable Family!

The Fam

Sister did this all on her own!

Ain't She Sweet....

Gorgeous Kids. Seriously. This would look awesome as a canvas!

Aren't they gorgeous???

Totally going to be fighting off the girls someday soon? (and we said "Girls are STINKY!" right before the shot - they found that awfully funny!)


I have one more I might get up tonight, otherwise I'll post it tomorrow. Remember, you can always view the photos larger by viewing the photoblogged photos gallery!

I need my beauty sleep because I'm doing 18 month old twins tomorrow! Woohoo!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

China Doll

I am so excited about these - My friend purchased the outfit for her daughter a while ago, and the idea has been in my head for over a year now. Here's just a few for a sneak peek - I have tons more and we're doing some more in a different location as well.

China Doll

....Sweet Little Miss

I've limited internet access until Saturday so I'll be back then!