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Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Rainy Day Recipe

Since my sessions for today got rescheduled because of the rain, I am spending a cozy day at home, getting some work done, and doing on of my favorite things..cooking.

Well, in a way. I'm not much into fancy recipes, but I love to cook using my Crock Pot. I love this thing! I'm always on AllRecipes.com trying to find new things to make (and they let you choose how many servings you need which is awesome when I'm just cooking for Steve and I) Tonight I'm making Peking Porkchops for us, and my parents are coming over as well. It is soooo yummy - after I add my twist to it. - Here's my version (and I don't measure anything, I'm horrible - it totally tastes better when you improvise. Check out the linked recipe if you are into exact amounts)

You need:
Porkchops with fat trimmed (I am making 4 today) It says you could use chicken as well but I haven't tried that.
1 Can pineapple rings (drain juice reserving a few tablespoons - my hubbie gladly drank the left over)
1 red pepper sliced - 1/4 onion sliced (optional, but tasty)

Cover bottom of pot with pineapple rings and place chops on top, top with more pineapple (we really like pineapple!)

In a bowl (this is just what I do - experiment!) stir/whisk together
3 big spoonfuls of brown sugar
2 big squirts of ketchup
2-3 spoonfuls of chopped garlic (I'm lazy and buy in the the jar. sue me)
couple small "glugs" of soy sauce (and watch it here, because the orginal recipe calls for waaaaay to much and makes it really salty)
a squirt of some sesame oil (mmmmm)
sprinkle of ginger (if you have it, I couldn't find mine today)
reserved pineapple juice
some red pepper flakes if you like it spiceh

Whisk together, it should be semi-thick but not runny - pour over everthing in pot and add peppers and onion, cook on low for 5 hours ish. The "sauce" does get a little thin - the link has a review about thickening it with corn starch, which I think I'll do.

I serve it with brown rice and will probably make some broccoli for everyone else (I only eat it raw, I'm weird)