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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Barter! - Boise Idaho Photographer

Recently, I worked out something with a client to trade "Barter" portraits of her children for manicures and pedicures. It was a win-win situation - she gets portraits of her kiddos, and I get some much needed pampering! I'm also sharing the pedicures with my Mom, and my amazing assistants - Lori, Pamela, Teresa and Krista! They work for photos!

I've also bartered with people to get props I wanted or needed - This bench is the result of that!

{oh lolly lolly!}

little grin!

So, think you might have something I'm interested in, ask me! We can barter for just about any service or item I can provide! Here's my short list of things I am looking for:

Professional cut/color for hair (for me!)
Head shaves (for husby)
Oil Changes
Carpet cleaning
Seamtress services
Spanish tutoring (for my husby)

Old fashioned/ vintage telephones
trunks/suitcases (vintage)
cowboy hats/boots (child or small adult size)
Child size furniture especially cute chairs
rocking horse
tulle (I know people have bags of this left over from wedding decor!)
fairy wings
girls dress up items
Standing mirror (like this one )

Household items:
Cat tree

Please contact me at oohlalaphoto@gmail.com to talk. I will exchange for like value.