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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sneak Peek - Boise Newborn Photographer

I believe that this little guy needs to give other babies lessons in how to be a model - he slept, let me mess with him all I wanted, and didn't wet on anything - yay! His Momma was also into my crazy ideas, so a very fun time was had!

I had a scale like this when I was a baby - I snagged it yesterday at an antique store as a early Bday present for myself...

in scale

I had been jonesin' for a new basket image - I borrowed this basket from a friend.


This was their blanket and I just loved it!

Give Peace a Chance

of course, had to try this again. I think Mom will be surprised to see we got it!


and this one is just cute. I did a prop swap with my photographer friend Michelle and she sent me this awesome rug! I love it.


Thanks so much!!

I also am working a special one with the last prop we used (Mom knows what I mean) but it's not ready tonight. I got a little carried away watching America's Next Top Model (Squeee!!!). and seriously, if anyone knows a lady or girl (16 and up) that has the "doe eyes" like the girl in this cycle (Rachel?) or like Alison from last cycle - CALL ME!! I have ideas!!!