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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sneak Peek!

I had the pleasure of photographing the family that won my Best of 2007 Contest Today! Thanks you guys for being such troopers...We walked the whole park, and I decided I'm now offering Personalized Nature Fitness Walks with my Portrait Sessions!!! hahaha!

Now, the pix!

I am in love with this one. LOVE. And what so funny is that we had to wait for this little kid on this bike to go past before we can take it, it was so funny.


She's so cute!

There's something cool that way! (It was probably my assistant)


Love for Daddy


Can't forget Big Sister! I love photographing her!


Thanks again you guys! And a very special thanks to Rachel, my assistant who had to do gymnastics to use the reflector to my liking!

You can always view my Blogged Photos Gallery to see them a little bigger!


Ashley said...

Lovely family images! Just love that smile capture at the end. Just precious!

Heather said...


More magic you've created for our little family! Can't wait to see the other photos....

Amanda Trumper said...

Adorable family!!

Kimberly Kyle said...

Love the walking shot! Gorgeous!