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Monday, April 21, 2008


I'm working on a Sneak Peek for the M. Family but I had to post this

Every Monday is Lala Day - Where I take my 5 year old Cousin Daniel out and about for some fun! Since he just turned 5 we went 5 places - To the bank (got a lemon sucker!) , To Micky D's for a Happy Meal, to the studio for his birthday portraits (and a cupcake), the Train Depot to see the Train (his request) and "A Martian" Park - What he calls Ann Morrison Park...We took too many pix, but I love this one!

Yo Yo...What's The Dilly-O?

(Click to view larger)

He's wearing a new shirt and hat that Aunt Maggie brought back from China for him! Isn't that cool!