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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sneak Peek - Newborn Portrait Photography in Idaho

I get so excited when my clients have new babies, you'd think they were family! This little man was so adorable, and so good for me (well, I did mess with him alot..lol)

We just did him alone today, then next week will be doing the whole family (and some things we didn't get to do today!)



I just liked this one, the pose we were trying wasn't working, but his feet are just so darn cute!


John Deere Stuff!! The photo in the cowboy hat like big brothers will come next week...Extra special thanks to Kamieo for making me this John Deere Knit hat!




Thanks so much!

I have another newbie (a girl!!) tomorrow, so stay tuned for a whole bunch of pink froofiness, because I intend to go all out. Now, I'm off to..the Sales at the Grand Opening of the new Joanns! They almost know me by name now..hahaha.


Amber Sheree said...

I love the green and yellow =) He is so cute, I'm sure after seeing these Mom and Dad can't wait for session 2!