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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Night Owl - Boise Baby Photographer

To prove that I am really working, and not just playing on the timesuck known as the internet - here's a recent favorite photo:

{almost there but not quite}

I am almost done editing all of the sessions for the past few weeks! yay! Go me! I also got a few things done to the website, and will be updating it more in the next few weeks. I also updated the calendar section, if anyone was wondering when I am available...

Yesterday I got to catch up with a friend who I hadn't spoken to in a while, and she told me my blog was sort of a guilty pleasure for her - sweet, huh? I thought maybe some of you might like to know about me - I have a list of things I love on my about me page so I thought I'd elaborate a little, and make that a weekly post.

1. I love.. Halloween. No really, It's an obsession. I cannot wait until stores get in their decorations, and plan my costumes months in advance. I go trick or treating with my Cousins Luke and Daniel every year - I even had a Halloween themed Wedding!

2. Tim Burton Movies - Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands are my fave "live action" ones - The theme to Edward Scissorhands was our Processional at my wedding, and the them to Beetlejuice was our recessional! We had a Corpse Bride cake too! I also am a huge Nightmare before Christmas fan.

3. Danny Elfman - all tied in with the Tim Burton movies - I could listen to his music ALL day (and am right now, actually) I even love Old Skool Oingo Boingo :-)

4. Alice in Wonderland - One of the first novels I ever read. Soon I will be doing a Alice themed session (I hope) and I have my eye on one of my FAIRIES to be Alice...oooo

5. Barbie Dolls - I think it's because of the clothes - I loved the clothes. I collect Vintage and other Barbies that I like. At this time I have 5 Vintage Barbies and friends, and over 50 Never Removed from the Box Barbies..and over 200 out of box Barbies. YIKES!

6. My favorite colors are Pink and Red. just cuz they make me happy. I wear pink almost every day and have 5 pairs of pink shoes!

7. Carosels - Just love them. Love riding them still, and I collect carosel horses, or used to. I want to get one for a prop!

8. Carnivals, freak shows, circuses - I just dig the carnie thing I guess. I love Clowns and the like. When I was a kid - we used to go to a Fair that had an actual Sideshow/Freak show - and Mom used to make me go in by myself to see the 2 headed snake in a jar! Monkey Boy! Bearded Lady! Geez - I loved it. lol

9. Eeyore - A favorite since I was little. He's just sweet. I own alot of Eeyore stuff as well (this list is making me realize I have too much STUFF!!)

10. Road Trips! The best. Crank the tunes, pull out the map...stop in weird places..On our hunnymoon we stopped in Alamo, Nevada - which is basically a Farm/Gas Station/Store/resturant? It had chickens running around and a flyer inviting everyone to Kristi's baby shower. it was awesome.

Well, time for me to rest - Catch ya on the flip side!