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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Ultimate Fairy Sneak Peek

Yes, they are finally here - Gorgeous Boise Fairies! and you know what, this is my
100th blog post!! So, of course, there is a contest. But first, enjoy some fairies, in no particular order!


{calling all butterflies}


{my posey fairy}


{baby flutterby}


{looking for fairies}


{fairy spokesmodel}

{butterfly secrets}


{goldilocks faery}


{pucker up}


{darling faerie}

Now, here's the contest! Please vote (once per person Please) for your favorite fairy! She will win a Free 8x10 Portrait Collage! and please comment as well - I will do a drawing of all local clients (or wanna-be clients) for a free FairyTale Session of your own!

The contest ended on August 30th - Thanks for Voting!

and of course, a group portrait

{NINE little fairies all in a row}


Jenn said...

That was tough, they are all so beautiful!

Nicole said...

These were just GREAT! I'm dying to do a session like this ( maybe not so many girls... but a few... lol )
LOVE all of these and can't wait to see more!

Brooke Schmitz said...

Lovin' your fairy sun flare!!!!

Kimberly said...

These are just great! Wonderful job!

Erica Velasco said...

These are wonderful!

Carrie F said...

Soooo hard to choose just one!!! They are all such beautiful little fairies :)

Connie gaebel said...

These are all such beautiful girls-how can you pick just one. Each and every one of you are winners !!!!!!!

Savana said...

Such adorable little fairies!! and the coloring is also done so beautifuly! Your passion for photography & really shows through these pictures and I love how you make the photoshoots fun for them as well!! Great job

Chasity McDonough said...

Those are some of the best fairies that I have seen in a long time!! They all looked wonderful and happy to have their wings.

Campbellkidz said...

What a sweet event. No doubt a lot of hard work and fun. Great job, the colors are amazing. How did you get the ball of light on the photos. so creative.

my flickr

Michele Drumm Photography said...

You create beautiful photographs. I love all of your fairies.