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Monday, December 15, 2008

New Addition to the Family! - Boise Pet Photographer

I've been wanting a kitty for so long - (no really, my cat is 17 years old and lives with my parents!) - and today I got one!

Introducing Twilight Rosalie Cullen (aka Twila Rose - that's what we'll be calling her)

Yes, she's named for the books - I love them so I thought it was fitting!

Some photos from today (and I have to say, she did amazingly well for a tiny kitten that has only known me for 3 hours!)

She dazzles me...

little poser


I thought this one was funny, little vampire cat!


Many thanks to Colleen to giving her to me, and to Betsy for bringing her all the way from Garden Vallery for me! You've totally make my Christmas!