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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sneak Peek - Boise Birthday Portraits

My little "Abba-Zabba" is now one! I've photographed her several times this year - These are her First Birthday photos!

One little cupcake, all for meeee



oh lolly lolly

Miss LollyFace looks out the window.

From the last year:
1 Day old, at the Hospital

New Model!

1 Week old

Be Still My Heart

Newborn Portraiture - Boise, Idaho - Ooh La La Photography

2 Weeks old

...kiss totem pole...

3 Months Old


6 Months old

How fast can I crawl away from the camera?

10 Months old

{flower princess}

{Wood Sprite}

I *might* have one more before Christmas, stay tuned!