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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sneak Peek - Boise, Idaho Newborn Photographer

This appointment has been on the calendar for what felt like FOREVER in photographer time, I've been waiting for this little one to arrive!We took some maternity photos in August - that's how long I've been waiting!!

It's an Idaho thing, I heart the baby John Deere stuff.

Little John Deere Man

Such a proud big sister!


I made him wear a crazy hat - it's an obsession

{I also heart crazy hats}

Gorgeous family!


and of course, Big sister being a goof while Baby was getting a snack.

{sweet silly girl}

I've got my hands full here working on the oodles of photos from today - but I have some cool stuff to post about later!


Anonymous said...

Kassa, Joe, Quincy and Quade--wow!!What a bunch you are. Can't help but envy you for being so smart to have a daughter and then a son--you'll always have some help, even if you don't think so now!!

Thanks SO much for sending these pictures and this site to me. If you keep it up or have more pictures, please know I'll always want to see them. More later.



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sending us the pictures, they are just beautiful, looking forward to seeing more.
Love, Thelma and Nick